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Welcome to Four Fish Marina!

Four Fish Marina is now managed by Oasis Marinas! We're excited to announce our redevelopment plans for this beautiful property in Jensen Beach, Florida.

Image by Hide Obara

Coming Q4 2023 - New Dry Stack Enclosed Building

We’re making progress toward construction of a new, state-of-the-art, hurricane proof, dry stack, fully enclosed building. These renderings illustrate our vision for the new dry stack structure. We're now accepting reservations for dry stack storage. Reserve your space today!

  • What is being demolished and where are you in the planning process?
    We’re making progress in the permitting plans to construct a new, state-of-the-art, hurricane proof, dry stack, fully enclosed building. We have engaged numerous marina experts, engineers, draftsmen, local, county, and state officials, and are optimistic that we will obtain approvals during the first quarter of 2023.
  • When will boaters need to leave the marina?
    As we are still in the permitting process, we cannot provide an exact date. However, our best estimate as of right now is that demolition will begin soon after January 1, 2023, at which point we will need all boats out of theconstruction zone. The team and I have wrestled with maintaining acceptable accommodation for those of you with vessels “on the hard” in the north portion of the marina. We have engaged engineers, site planners, and marina experts looking at a variety of potential options, specifically, south side of marina relocation. Unfortunately, due to south sea wall launch limitations (rebuild of sea wall, fortification of additional concrete pilings and compacting work), travel permits to relocate vessels on the county roads, fork-lift restrictions, and cost inhibitors including new fencing (adequate security of your vessels/trailers), we simply cannot solve this interim challenge. To say that we looked at multiple solutions would be an understatement. Subsequently and with pain, we regretfully request your cooperation to remove your vessels and/or trailers from the hard on both the north and south side of the facility by January 12, 2023.
  • How does the new construction effect those of us in the water now? 
    There is no change whatsoever.  The only thing you can expect is increased service and attention.  Our plan, in concert with Integra expectations, is to provide you with the highest level of marina boating service you have ever experienced. Please allow us to demonstrate our conviction to best-in-class service.  There will be some wrinkles and waves (we have already seen this with the boats on the hard); we need to iron out some of the nuances currently in place and are working quickly and efficiently to create positive change.
  • Will there be Service operations? 
    Yes, but with some modifications. We are currently scaling down the original service offerings.For example, we will no longer offer boat hull painting jobs. We will, however, offer smaller service jobs such as oil changes, batteries, tune ups and minor repairs. Please contact the marina office to schedule these types of repairs.
  • Will rates be increasing?
    Yes.  Rates will fluctuate in concert with local marina demand and services.  We have completed a comprehensive study of all marinas in Palm Beach, Martin, and Indian River Counties, including a fuel price study. All business enterprises need to assess the competition regardless of their specialty; the marina industry is no different.  That said, we will price our marina competitively with those marinas in our region.  We will do so with integrity and honesty.  You will receive the best service, second to none, as we move forward with our operational and infrastructure growth plans.
  • How long will the marina dry stack construction take?
    Upon permitting approval, we plan to move quickly.  Our best estimate, notwithstanding weather or other inhibitors, is to see full completion by the fourth quarter of 2023. Please know, this is our best estimate, but we cannot foresee natural or man-made delays that may alter our plans.
  • Are you accepting reservations for the new dry stack?
    Yes! We have begun a reservation list for the new dry stack. As the absolute best dry stack facility in the area, we are already filling up fast.
  • When will we receive updates in more detail?
    While we will keep you updated throughout this process, we are excited to announce our Boater Appreciation Day on October 28th from 3 PM-7 PM!
Image by César Couto

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